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LED Light Strips for Roofs On-Trend for Exterior Projects

LED Roof Lighting On-Trend for Toronto Homes

Installing LED strip lights is now an easy and maintenance free way to add some colour to your life, and your neighbourhood! Exterior lighting with LED strip lights for roofs are now an on-trend design that captures different seasons and events throughout the year. Gone are the days of dragging out the ladder and installing Christmas lights! These energy-efficient and maintenance-free light strips can be left on year-round. Families can show off their unique personality through a dynamic light show, or let everyone know just who their favourite sports team is when the big game is on. LED strip lights for roofs are a great way for Toronto homeowners to add a little colour to their lives.


Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance

Choosing a company that specializes in LED strip lights for roofs is easy to do in Toronto. A reputable company will provide an installation service with a great warranty. High-quality lighting systems like Movilume show off brilliant colours upon request, then lay discreetly on the roof when not in use. For the energy conscious consumer; LED strip lights are much more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and use a fraction of the power. That doesn’t stop them from shining brightly though! Each bulb is over 350 Lumens in brightness and will create quite the effect when in use.


Robust for Canadian Climate

For the Canadian climate, it is also important to choose  LED strip lights designed for roofs that can survive the winter months. Weather-proof systems are safer and maintenance-free. We still want to avoid climbing on a ladder for safety reasons. Recent news stories have shown serious injuries, (or even death,) due to installing Christmas lights. With maintenance-free LED strip lights, no ladders are required keeping you planted firmly on the ground.


Special Effects and Special Events

There are many different uses for LED strip lights for roofs in Toronto:

  • Special Occasions and Holidayscelebrating holidays with lights isn’t reserved just for Christmas time. Recognize your favourite day of the year with colour! St. Patrick’s Day lights up green, Canada Day with red and white and Hallowe’en with orange. Shout out a birthday or Valentine’s Day. Whatever the occasion you can celebrate in a special way with a personalized light show.
  • Sporting Eventswhen your favourite team scores, you jump up and cheer. Don’t just hug your friends – celebrate with the whole neighbourhood when the home team scores the winning goal.
  • Milestonesgraduation events, baby showers or weddings are all reasons to create a special effect for all to enjoy.


Using lights for exterior décor doesn’t have to be flashy all the time. You can take a more elegant approach with a simple soft white glow that adds character to your home’s appearance. Functionally too, lights can offer enhanced security, providing exposure to areas of the house that may have stayed hidden in the shadows.


Once you have your lights installed by a reputable professional like Ablaze Lighting, download the app for your smartphone and have some fun. Simple and elegant or life of the party – it’s your call with customizable LED strip lighting for roofs in Toronto!